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Bayfield Elementary School

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Update from Bayfield School District Superintendent, Amy Lyons

At approximately 8AM this morning, administrative staff at Bayfield Middle School were alerted by students of a suspicious item observed in the possession of a fellow student.  Students and staff were immediately evacuated to a safe location, while law enforcement was called to the scene.


Local law enforcement searched the building and determined that the threat was unfounded and the building was deemed safe.  Students and staff were permitted to enter the building and reported back to class.


Our goal is to respond quickly in order to minimize the impact of emergency situations and to provide accurate information about the incident.  The school district’s response efforts are determined by what will keep Bayfield students and staff most safe.  Once this is determined, response communication begins.


At Bayfield School District, safety is our highest priority, and we take pride in knowing that our students feel comfortable to be active participants in their school’s safety.  We have a unified safety plan in place throughout the District based on two highly effective and respected programs:  Standard Response Protocol (SRP) and Safe 2 Tell. Please follow these links to get a full understanding of how we use these programs to keep our students and staff safe.