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BES Explore Team- Spanish Teacher


Welcome! This page acts as a newsletter that keeps you in touch with what's happening in Spanish class. Please hit the "subscribe"button now to receive important updates and information! As always, I love to hear from families so send me an email any time.

Recent Posts

2nd Graders laugh, sing, and dance with the vowel sounds in Spanish!

There are SO many different ways to improve your pronunciation in Spanish... Here's one! Scroll down for more ideas!

Los Colores- Outdoor Movement Break

The research is clear. Kids learn more and retain more when they are MOVING! Check out Mr. Coulson's class as they practice forming new sentences using color words in this ball-toss game!

Practice your vowel sounds in Spanish with Rachel and Tatum!

Learning your vowel sounds in Spanish the the #1 way to improve pronunciation. In this video, Rachel and Tatum teach us a great way to practice. Much like the old song "Apples and Bananas", Las Vocales switches the focus vowel every 2 lines. Here's a quick guide for pronunciation: A- like the "ah" sound in mama, E- like the "eh" sound in egg, I- like the "eee" sound in me, O- like the "oh" sound in go, U- like the "ooo" sound in goo. If you'd like a copy of the traditional Mexican chant, just scroll up to download the whole chant and a translation!


NEW: 2017 BES Garden Gnome Class!

Are you interested in gardening, cooking, and messy projects? Become a BES Garden Gnome! In this 4-session extracurricular class, you will learn to grow your own food, take care of the school garden, and prepare a delicious meal with veggies you helped grow. You’ll become an official “BES Garden Gnome” which means you’ll help look after the school garden until you graduate from 5th grade! Upon completion of the class, students will receive a BES Garden Gnome T-Shirt which they are encouraged to wear on School Spirit Fridays.
Click here to print a registration form or contact Maria Miller (

Benefits of a Bilingual Brain

Do children really acquire a second language more easily than adults? Maybe.
What exactly are the benefits of a bilingual brain? 
The answer may surprise you! 
According to the Critical Period Hypothesis, children brain's acquire language in a completely different way... intrigued? Watch to learn more!
Hola padres,
I am searching for a parent volunteer that could help put together little bilingual books for students to read during centers. It would probably be about 2 hours of work in the copy room. Please let me know if you can help!


Dear families, I recently discovered a mistake on my newsletter home. If you would like to try out Muzzy Club online, try this username and password:
Username: BayfieldClass1
Password: BayfieldClass123
On the newsletter I had them reversed. So sorry!

3rd Graders Practice Spanish with a Garden Lesson!

Mr. Eubank's 3rd graders helped out the school garden by cleaning up the last basil of the season. We needed to practice counting in Spanish and we also needed to harvest basil before the frost! A match made in heaven... Why not count the basil flowers in Spanish?
Goofy Clothes Wanted!
Hey parents- how do you get 469 little kids speaking Spanish? With goofy dress-up clothes, of course! We are in need of your ridiculous outfits, socks, sun glasses, old costumes, hats, etc! Just send in what you have and your child will be rewarded with a chance to win a prize!
If you don't have anything laying around the house, don't forget us next time you're at the thrift store!

Las Vocales- The Vowels in Spanish

BES students learn to speak and read Spanish by singing songs, playing games, and writing original books! There aren't many worksheets floating around this classroom! Check out these 5th graders as they study the vowel sounds...

'Twas the Night Before Navidad

4th Graders perform a "Spanglish" version of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas